Attended sea scatterings

If you live in the San Diego or surrounding areas, we welcome you and your loved ones to charter one of our private yachts to plan and attend your ash scattering at sea services.  This is considered an “Attended Burial At Sea.”  If you and your family are not from the San Diego area and/or are unable to attend your service, we can still take care of scattering your ashes if you wish.  This is considered an “Unattended Burial At Sea.”  Please click here to read more about unattended ash scattering.
We will board all of your guests on Harbor Island in San Diego and head out to sea, just outside of Coronado Island to one of the most picturesque locations on the Southern California coastline. Point Loma, Coronado Island, the Coronado Bridge, Hotel Del Coronado, and the San Diego City skyline can all be viewed from this one beautiful area where we will assist you in scattering the ashes of your dearly departed.

All of our private yachts are accompanied by a US Coast Guard licensed Captain and professional crew to see to your safety and comfort.  Depending on the size of your party, and your preferences, we invite you to select from either Bella Luna, Antonina, or Jada.  Each yacht has a different passenger capacity.  As long as the number of your guests fits within any of their capacities, you are welcome to charter that yacht (upon availability).  If the number of your guests exceeds your desired yacht, you may consider chartering two vessels and splitting your party between the two.  If your party is much larger, please contact Captain John to discuss other options and we may refer you out to a larger yacht if available.

You are welcome to plan a full service memorial for your ash scattering event that may include catering, an officiant, live singer, and a Celebration of Life party before or after the scattering.  You are also welcome to bring wreaths, flowers, and pedals to the scattering site.  Anything that is placed into the ocean must be of natural, biodegradable materials.  Plastics and faux flowers are not permitted to be dispersed into the ocean.

Because we pride ourselves on personalized service, please feel free to contact us anytime for questions and to discuss your options.

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