Antonina is a 38′ Gran Sport motor yacht and historically, the first of the yachts that started San Diego Bay Cruises in 2013.  Antonina is the ideal yacht to take small families and gatherings of no more than six guests for an intimate attended ash scattering at sea off the coast of San Diego.  Longer voyages up the coast can be discussed upon special request.  However, generally speaking, the coast line just outside of San Diego Bay is one of the most picturesque and peaceful aquatic areas in the country.

Because of Antonina’s speed and agility, she is also used on a regular basis for our Unattended Ash Scattering at Sea voyages.  Even when we provide our unattended services, we go to the same location off the coast of Coronado Island, just outside of San Diego and Point Loma.  We consider this area like a cemetery off the coast.

If you and your family are service by ash scattering, we are always happy to provide you with the latitude and longitude coordinates so that you may visit the site at some point in the future.

If you would like to learn more about joining us aboard Antonina for an, or if you would like to arrange for us to scatter your loved one’s cremains for you, please submit the request form.

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