Bella Luna

Bella Luna is our flagship yacht because she’s been meticulously customized for class, comfort, and safety.  She’s a 50′ modern classic motor yacht that has more deck space than the average yacht her size or bigger.  Captain John has spent 15 months and spared no expense in remodeling, customizing, and modifying Bella Luna to not only meet, but exceed, all safety standards to comply with the Code of Federal Regulations in converting Bella Luna from a nice pleasure craft into a beautiful commercial charter yacht.  She is US Coast Guard inspected and certified to carry up to 40 guests.

Bella Luna is owned and operated by Capt. John Valente.  After serving a long career in law enforcement, Capt. John started his charter business and added burials at sea, ash scattering services, and Celebration of Life memorial services to his charter offerings.  Because of Bella Luna’s level of comfort and safety for family members of all ages, she is used most for our attended ash scattering and Celebration of Life services.

With enough space to carry up to 40 of your close and dear family and friends, Bella Luna is ideal for ash scattering at sea services and Celebration of Life memorials.  She has a spacious interior salon with a large food service area and galley for catering food & beverages and one of the best sound systems on the water to play your dearly departed’s favorite playlist for your service and Celebration of Life.

Book your next service and welcome your friends and family aboard Bella Luna by clicking on the “Request a Service” link.

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