Full body sea burials

Sea Burials of San Diego is one of very few charter companies in the United States that provides full body burial at sea services.  Burials at sea have taken place for thousands of years and across many religions, faiths, and cultures from around the world.

A full body burial at sea is a great alternative to a ground burial for several reasons:

Full body burials are more cost effective than land based burial plots.
Burials at sea are more environmentally friendly.  
We use only natural and biodegradable materials for the least environmental impact.
The sea is a very meaningful place for many people; military, mariners, life-long boaters, people who grew up around water…
No more room available at the family cemetery.
Religious or cultural meaning.  
We are happy to serve all faiths and cultures.
Simple matter of personal preference.

No matter what your reasons are for seeking a full body sea burial, we can assist you in the planning from beginning to end.  We can assist you with your own funeral plans if you want to make sure your final wishes are carried out and you want to make sure your family isn’t stressed with the burdens of making your arrangements.  We are able to provide your full body burial at sea service as either an “attended” service, or an “unattended” service, depending on your circumstances and wishes.

We understand this is a difficult occasion for anyone to plan a funeral event. Especially, a burial at sea for someone who may be unfamiliar with the legal procedures and logistics of seeing a loved one to their final resting place in the ocean.  We know that you want to work with someone who has experience and can be trusted to see to every detail. Capt. John has been coordinating full body burials at sea and ash scattering for several years.  As a retired Deputy Sheriff and a US Coast Guard licensed Captain, you can be assured of his integrity and compassion for your service.

If you live in or around the San Diego area, we can work with you and your funeral director in preparing your loved one for their final resting place in the ocean.  We can also arrange for transporting your loved on and your guests to the marina for the sea voyage.  We work with several vessels that can accommodate your guests on an attended or unattended service.  We will consult with you personally for specific arrangements and availability.

If you do NOT live in or around the San Diego or surrounding areas, we are still able to work with you in transporting your dearly departed to San Diego from any location and see to their final wishes to be placed in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego.

Because we pride ourselves in compassionate personalized service, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation to discuss your arrangement options.

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